About US

We are newly baked fashinist'as that were thinking about the new definition of watch and time. Being very light, but very new. Something that no one has seen before. From this idea everything started up with our discovered material "tyvek" . We started thinking of ways, how it would be nice to have paper looking like watches, that would stand as a bracelet, and act as a bracelet, but represent a watch to be more functional. To be UNIQUE. To be You. THE YOU, YOU WANT TO BE. 
We have to mention, it's not our main business. It's our passion. We want You to have products You need. We want to share our passion with You. Maybe, someday, we could earn from it, but now, it's just a hobby. A hobby that gives us tons of joy, fulfilment and satisfaction. Give us ability to express ourself in best possible ways. 

Always Yours,

takewrong team.